BridgeMaster® Nozzle
BridgeMaster® Nozzle
BridgeMaster® Nozzle

Slice Engineering

BridgeMaster® Nozzle

Sale price$29.99

BridgeMaster® is for 1.75mm filament

  • Copper alloy core optimized for thermal conduction
  • Super tough, carbide based surface coating that reduces wear from abrasive filaments
  • Forgot what size nozzle you have installed? With the BridgeMaster® Nozzle you don’t need to know braille, or read a chart, the orifice size is engraved on 3 sides for easy viewing.
  • Compatible with common metric (6 mm) and standard (1/4 in) socket tools for easy installation.
  • Rep Rap style (M6 x 1.0 threads with a 7 mm thread length and 12.5 mm overall length)
  • 100% Made in USA

Suitability to use Abrasive Materials

Scarce usage of abrasive filaments Frequent use of abrasive filaments Intense use of abrasive filaments
Yes No No